For dough:

500 g of water
1 cc salt
1 cc sugar
30 g yeast
Flour – how much has been cooked
For groans:

300-400 g of beans
1 onion
50 g of oil
Salt, pepper, spices – to taste

In the warm water we will remove the yeast and bake the dough. Let’s get in the warmth to get up. The dough should be given at least twice. Let the beans pour water and boil. When it is ready, wash the water, stir, sprinkle spices, salt, chopped greens and peeled onion. Get rid of the dough into a medium dose. Let us stir in the middle of the bean’s heart, and let us crawl with hinkali and stir well on both sides. Prepare the lobby with a lumpy margarine.

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